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Copyright: FAQ

Copyright Guide for The Michener Institute of Education at UHN


Can I post to BlackBoard a PowerPoint presentation I used in a class that uses a PowerPoint template I bought online?

I want to share popular music songs with my students. Can I post the files online in BlackBoard?

Can I embed a TedTalk video in a course or BlackBoard?

Can I scan a book chapter and post it to Michener's Blackboard?

Can I post a PDF I downloaded to Blackboard?

Can I copy something from a website onto a Word document and post it into my Blackboard course?

Can I scan an article from a magazine and post it to Michener's Blackboard?

Do I need permission to link to a website in BlackBoard?

Can I post to BlackBoard a file I downloaded from a public website?


Can a student scan an image from a book or magazine for a class presentation?

Can I scan and insert an image from a textbook for a class presentation?

Can we play background music at orientation? We would purchase it from iTunes?

Can I or my students add pop songs to videos we create for class or assignments?

I have record some TV programs on to my PVR and wish to prepare an edited DVD with portions suitable for the class. Am I allowed to do this?

Can I play music in my classroom?

Can I use online videos from sites like YouTube or Vimeo in my classroom?

Do student clubs need a license to screen films at events?

Do I need Public Performance Rights (PPR) to show a DVD in Class?


Can I abridge or adapt an article to make it easier for my students to read for one of their tests?

Can I take a selection from a website and copy it into another document and post online for my class?

Does Fair Dealing apply to Internet materials?

I'd like to find some online articles to use for readings in my course? Can the LRC help?

What am I allowed to do with the LRC online information resources?

Can I share an article from an LRC database with my students at another educational institution?

Can I photocopy an article I printed from LRC online information service article database?

Print and Other

Are we allowed to reproduce Canadian federal government publications?

Can Michener freely use student course work/projects to promote its programs to potential students (say as a trade show)?

I was wondering if I could use the name "Dragon's Den" for one of my class activities. Or the name of another television show?

Can I use a logo or a bunch of logos and assemble them on a slide in a unique way, adding pictures/comments, etc., is this fair use?

How do I indicate on my presentation slides that I have the copyright holder's permission to use the material?

I have several copies of the course text. Can I put them on reserve in the LRC so students do not have to buy them?

My textbook comes with supplemental materials. Can I share them with my students?

What if I want to copy more from a book than what is allowed under Fair Dealing

Are students allowed to bring a photocopy of a textbook to class?

How can I distinguish between an eTextbook printout and an infringing photocopy of a textbook?

Can I photocopy something from a book for an exam?

Creative Commons License

Creative Commons License
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